A bit about us


Welcome to FIGS. This group has been set up as we believe girls are being let down by the current system operating in the UK. Whether its protracted diagnosis, misdiagnosis or total lack of suitable provision we recognise the system needs to be more reflective of female Autism on every level. Currently the assessment tools used to screen for Autistic Spectrum Condition are male centric, we want tools put in place that reflect multiple presentations, so no child’s need goes unrecognised or unsupported.

What we are aiming to achieve is recognition from the professionals, whether medical or educational. We aim to rally for support and raise the profile of female Autism. We hope with us all working together we can affect change. We can sign post you to support networks and are already in discussion with recognised professionals who feel this is needed. This is a national problem and feel we are stronger as one voice.


Specialist ASC provision and especially that aimed at high functioning ASC have invariable just started taking girls without adapting to their very different needs and their vulnerability. As Parents of Autistic daughters we are expected to make choices that no parent should have to make, do we send our girls to predominantly male specialist settings that can leave them vulnerable or leave them to face the harsh realities of mainstream school with maybe a one to one that singles them out. We feel local Authorities have a duty to provide environments that are suitable for girls, that reflect their needs and allow them to achieve the best educational outcomes.

So please join us and together we can shine a light on our wonderfully brave, Autistic girls and make people recognise and see what we do every day.

Story so far


Letters to MP'S/SMP'S

We have created template letters for members to download either pdf/word document which can be edited to include their experiences. We are getting a steady stream of responses, some great some not so good.


This allows us to not only see where members are based but, which health authority they are under, their MP and their local education authority.

Viral Campaign

Our members have sent in the best and worst bits about being Autistic. Their girls have created posters, which we hope to set to a soundtrack to be shared.


We regularly share petitions that reflect our group aims and are working on our own in the background.

Signposting support

There are some fantastic support groups and we have linked with many through our Facebook page and signpost members when they need support.

Media Interest

We have already featured on local radio stations, Wycombe Sound and BBC 3 Counties. We have been filmed by Meridian local news and are working with BBC3 counties on a mini documentary for their website.



Winning logo design

Our great new logo designed by one of our amazing girls, Rhiannon Graveling. We all love it.

Regional Groups

We have now launched regional support groups that cover the UK.

Group growth on Facebook

We have now have over 2200 members in under 6 months.



Masking Magazine

Latest edition of Masking Magazine featuring  some amazing articles including one from FIGS. A must read!

CCG Letters sent

We have sent out FOI to all CCGs in England asking about waiting times and autism services in their area, we will be sending these requests to all health authorities throughout UK. Responses are now starting to come back and we will be using information supplied within our meetings with MP’s.

Further TV appearance

Info to follow

Meeting with MP’s

Meetings scheduled in July with MP’s. Further information to follow.

APPG on Autism in July

We will be attending the APPG on Autism in July. We’ll be building packs to deliver to all influencers we can meet to ensure they can relate to our  experiences of education, health and support. These will be redacted comments from our polls.



NEU NE SEND Conference

Presented a work shop on Autistic Masking in collaboration with Kieran Rose, The Autistic Advocate at the National Education Union North East SEND conference.

Meeting with Emma Lewell-Buck

We are raising the issues faced by many families with senior politicians. We are using members experiences to highlight this is a national issue.

Panel for Dispatches programme

We were given the opportunity to sit on a panel addressing professionals for education and media, including OFSTED. We are following up on connections, more information to follow.


This is our first newsletter featuring Dr Luke Beardon.